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Season Maintenance

Perennial Beds are prepared for spring and summer. Plant stalks that have been left behind for winter interest are removed and beds are cultivated in order to extend the life of your perennials and to maximize growth and color they will be fertilized with an extended life fertilizer that will provide necessary nutrients during the growing season.

Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance Program includes weekly visits of mowing, weeding, tree and shrub pruning, and clean-up, as well as providing your property with a specialized fertilization program. Carpio Landscaping professionals are also well equipped to handle your irrigation and landscape lighting systems.

Landscape Construction

We enjoy working with clients to help them enhance and improve their landscapes. Sometimes that means starting from scratch and designing a new landscape or it could mean breathing new life into a tired landscape. Our team can work with you to make your outdoors a comfortable and functional place for entertaining freinds, spending time with family, or for just stealing a quiet moment for yourself.

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Our Services


Not only do we design the most beautiful landscapes and lawns in the San Mateo area, but we also maintain them to a level of excellence that is simply unsurpassed. Our professional and experienced team pays attention to every detail to provide the best landscape care possible. Regardless of your project size, we consider you a client for life. You can count on the same friendly, dedicated team servicing your property time and time again.

Tree Service

Al Carpio Landscaping has cared for trees in the Bay Area following the highest standards of tree health and aesthetics. Our staff is expert at both the art and the science of tree care. A well-pruned tree is both healthy and beautiful. We give free estimates and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Lawn Care

We have a wide range of Commercial and Residential Lawn Care Services, including banks, fast food restaurants, office complexes and schools. Whatever kind of property you have, we can provide you with a customized commercial and Residential lawn care service for your landscape, so your grounds remain welcoming and healthy.

Yard Clean-Ups

Al Carpio Landscaping provides yard clean up and landscaping services for residential and commercial customers throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Our yard clean up services includes all the loading, cleanup, pickup and dumping of your unwanted lawn and backyard waste. With your guidance, our yard waste hauling experts will separate out the yard waste and haul it away as part of our all-inclusive yard clean up services.

Sprikler System

Al Carpio Landscaping offers you all the sprinkler system services you’ll ever need – to keep your in-ground residential or commercial sprinkler or irrigation system performing dependably for many, many years to come. Because we can service, repair and maintain any sprinkler system brand or model, there’s no sprinkler system we can’t fully support. Al Carpio Landscaping Preferred sprinkler system maintenance plan service & repair packages.

Trimming - Pruning

Al Carpio Landscaping offers the most comprehensive tree trimming services in Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties. Proper tree and shrub trimming is about maintaining good tree health, aesthetics and the keeping your property and landscape safe from falling tree limbs. Most landscape trees require more maintenance. Proper pruning will enhance the beauty of your landscape and compliment the other shrubs, plantings and the lawn area on your property.

Other Services

Our goal at Al Carpio Landscaping is to install the strongest and best products available to our customers at a fair price. We will show up when we say we are going to and when your project is started, it will have our full attention until it is completed to your satisfaction